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Reshaping wellness with Elevate Now’s quest in obesity management and digital health

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Obesity in India is a growing public health concern, with its prevalence and consequences varying across different demographics and regions. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a near-tripling in global obesity prevalence since 1975, a trend echoed in India. A closer look at the data reveals a higher incidence of obesity among older age groups. For instance, in men aged 40–49, obesity rates are significantly higher compared to younger men. This pattern is consistent among women as well.

The divide between urban and rural areas in terms of obesity rates is also pronounced. Urban regions in India show a higher prevalence of obesity compared to their rural counterparts. This urban-rural disparity is amplified by socio-economic factors. As household wealth increases, so does the prevalence of obesity. Data indicates that the proportion of obese women in the wealthiest quintile is much greater than in the poorest quintile.

The burden of obesity extends beyond health, impacting economies and healthcare systems. The Global Burden of Disease study highlighted that in 2019, obesity-related complications led to 5.02 million premature deaths globally, a stark rise from previous years. This underscores the extensive health and economic implications of obesity.

In response to this challenge, Elevate Now, an emerging company in India founded by Rahul Maroli and Suryansh Kumar in 2022, offers a unique approach to tackling obesity. Focusing on a complete metabolic reset, Elevate Now moves away from traditional methods like short-term dieting or intense exercise regimes. Instead, their program integrates custom medication protocols tailored for the Indian market with a digital platform to enhance the patient experience. The Elevate Now app allows patients to engage with health coaches, receive personalized plans, and monitor their weight loss journey. This holistic approach not only addresses the physical aspects of weight loss but also considers the emotional and behavioral factors, offering a sustainable solution to combat obesity.

Elevate Now’s innovative strategy, leveraging both medical expertise and technology, presents a comprehensive solution to the growing obesity crisis in India, aiming for long-term, impactful change in the lives of those affected by this condition.

Pain points addressed

Elevate Now has positioned itself as a targeted solution to a specific and pressing healthcare concern in India: the challenge of sustainable weight loss and effective obesity management. This issue is particularly pertinent in urban areas of India, where lifestyle and dietary habits are significant contributors to the rising rates of obesity. Elevate Now operates at a crucial intersection within the healthcare and wellness value chain, integrating technology, medical expertise, and personalized care. This holistic approach distinguishes it from traditional weight loss methods, offering a more comprehensive and sustainable solution.

Type of solution

Elevate Now primarily offers a software-based solution. Their approach centers around a digital platform, specifically a mobile application, that enables patients to engage with health coaches, follow personalized plans, and monitor their weight loss journey. This software solution is designed to facilitate the management of weight loss and obesity through technological tools and personalized digital interaction, rather than relying on physical or hardware-based interventions. This emphasis on a digital, software-centric approach is core to Elevate Now’s methodology in addressing obesity and weight management challenges.

Source: https://www.joinelevatenow.com/

Type of input data leveraged

  • Health and medical data: Includes weight, height, BMI, vital statistics, medical history, and medication information.
  • Dietary information: Details about dietary habits, preferences, and restrictions to create personalized diet plans.
  • Physical activity levels: Information on current exercise routines and physical activity to tailor exercise plans.
  • Lifestyle data: Encompasses sleep patterns, work-life balance, stress levels, and other lifestyle factors.
  • Behavioral and psychological data: Focuses on behavioral patterns and psychological factors influencing eating habits.
  • Progress tracking data: Ongoing monitoring of health metrics, achievements, and challenges throughout the weight loss journey.

Key technology leveraged

Elevate Now’s innovation is driven by the following key technologies:

  • Mobile application: A user-friendly platform for patient interaction and program management.
  • Data analytics: Advanced algorithms for personalizing weight loss plans.
  • Telehealth tools: Facilitates remote communication and consultations.
  • Progress monitoring: Tools for tracking health metrics in real-time.
  • Behavioral science techniques: Employed for enhancing user engagement and adherence to the program.

Key applications of solution

The solution provided by Elevate Now encompasses a range of innovative applications designed to address various aspects of weight loss and obesity management:

  • Custom health plans: Tailors diet and exercise plans specific to each user’s health profile, dietary preferences, and fitness levels, with regular adjustments based on progress.
  • Medical and behavioral coaching: Integrates medical supervision for safe weight management and behavioral coaching for lifestyle changes, emphasizing habit formation and stress management.
  • Digital tracking and telehealth: Utilizes a mobile app for health tracking and remote consultations, ensuring continuous support and real-time progress monitoring.
  • Community and data insights: Offers a supportive community platform for shared experiences and uses data-driven insights for personalized health trend analysis and plan adjustments.

Implications for key stakeholders

  1. Patients: Individuals seeking weight loss solutions stand to gain from a comprehensive, medically supervised program. For instance, a patient with a history of unsuccessful diet plans might find Elevate Now’s personalized approach, which integrates medical, nutritional, and psychological aspects, more effective and sustainable. The use of digital tools for tracking progress can foster a sense of empowerment and accountability.
  2. Healthcare Providers: Doctors and health coaches working with Elevate Now have an opportunity to engage with a more holistic approach to weight management. For a health coach specializing in dietary guidance, the integration of behavioral science and digital tracking tools in Elevate Now’s platform can enhance their ability to tailor advice and support to each patient’s specific needs and challenges.
  3. Insurance Companies: For insurers, a program like Elevate Now, which aims to address obesity comprehensively, could mean a potential reduction in long-term healthcare costs. For example, an insurance company might observe a decrease in claims related to obesity-related comorbidities like diabetes or heart disease among participants in Elevate Now’s program.

Current impact

The current impact of Elevate Now, as depicted on their website, includes:

  • Significant weight loss: Users report substantial weight loss, with examples including a loss of 4 kg in 5 weeks and over 9 kg in 3 months.
  • Improved health parameters: Alongside weight loss, users note improvements in key health metrics.
  • Personal success stories: The website features individual testimonials highlighting the effectiveness of their personalized approach.

Potential impact

  • Wider reach: Expansion to a broader demographic and geographic area, possibly addressing obesity issues on a larger scale in India.
  • Technological advancements: Continued development and integration of more advanced health tech features in their app could enhance the user experience and effectiveness.
  • Healthcare system impact: As more people successfully manage their weight, there could be a reduced burden on healthcare systems due to fewer obesity-related health complications.
  • Lifestyle change promotion: Elevate Now’s success might inspire a shift towards healthier lifestyle choices among the wider population.

Business model

Elevate Now’s B2C (Business-to-Consumer) business model involves directly offering personalized health and wellness programs to individual consumers. This approach allows them to tailor their services to each user’s specific needs, leading to potentially higher satisfaction and effectiveness. The advantage of this model is its ability to build a direct relationship with the consumer, which can lead to better customer engagement and loyalty. Additionally, direct feedback from consumers can help in continuously improving and adapting services.

Funding and Key Investors

Elevate Now is currently funded by W Health Ventures after a Pre Seed Round on the 1st of March, 2023.

Competitive differentiator

Elevate Now’s competitive differentiator lies in its holistic approach to weight management, emphasizing not just physical aspects but also psychological and emotional well-being. This small yet impactful approach sets them apart from competitors who may focus solely on diet and exercise. Elevate Now integrates behavioral science into its program, recognizing the crucial role of mental health and lifestyle habits in sustainable weight loss. This comprehensive perspective addresses the root causes of weight issues rather than just treating symptoms, leading to more effective and lasting outcomes.

Regulatory compliance

For a solution like Elevate Now’s, it’s crucial to maintain compliance with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for data privacy, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines for any medical or health-related advice, and the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO). They also need to adhere to consumer protection laws and digital security standards. Continuous monitoring and updating of compliance with these regulatory frameworks are essential to ensuring the legitimacy and safety of their services.

Impact stories

“The medicines are customized according to my needs by a Doctor. What I’m achieving with short walks of 5 to 10 mins, I could not with 45 mins of fast walks earlier. I don’t starve myself anymore. l eat to my heart’s desire but only right food at right time. Finally with ElevateNow, I have started losing my stubborn weight and lost 4 kgs in just 5 weeks of the program.” Alpana (User)

“In a matter of 3 months, I lost over 9 kgs. The biggest joy came when I started fitting into my old clothes. In 3 months, all key health parameters including cholesterol, insulin, triglycerides etc started falling within range. I am looking to forward to losing another 6 kgs and focusing on sustaining the weight loss.” Abhishek Shetye (User)

“I feel great with reduced appetite and increased energy levels. Loving the high touch point engagement offered by ElevateNow along with access to specialist Doctors and advanced medications.” Mayank (User)

Areas for continuous improvement

An area for continuous improvement for Elevate Now could be to expand its program to include management strategies for diseases associated with obesity. These could include conditions like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancer, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis. Additionally, incorporating a wider range of language support can make the program accessible to a broader demographic. Tailoring features to cater to diverse patient groups, considering cultural, age, and lifestyle differences, can enhance inclusivity and effectiveness.





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