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HiEquity is a not-for-profit think tank aimed at advancing global health equity by championing emerging technologies, delivering actionable insights and fostering stakeholder collaboration

Humane Intelligence

Thought leadership aimed at scaling real-world applications and the impact of emerging technologies across the healthcare value chain in diverse markets

People-First Business Success with Hear and Now

Hear and Now

Hearing your un-met needs for targeted wellness and delivering research-backed insights you can act on now


Leading the Wellness Revolution - By shifting global incentives from reactive to proactive wellness through behavioral change, technology integration, and system innovation.

HiEquity Subunits

Humane Intelligence

Thought leadership aimed at scaling real-world applications and the impact of emerging technologies across the healthcare value chain in diverse markets

Hear and Now

Hearing your un-met needs for targeted wellness and delivering research-backed insights you can act on now


Leading the Wellness Revolution - By shifting global incentives from reactive to proactive wellness through behavioral change, technology integration, and system innovation.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Nadeem Ahmed

Dr. Nadeem Ahmed

Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief

About Dr. Nadeem

Dr Nadeem Ahmed is a physician turned management consultant with cross-regional and cross-functional expertise across 15+ countries with 10+ years of impact across the healthcare value chain serving diverse clients – provider, payor, health-tech, med. devices, pharma, and public health organizations.

Dr Nadeem has been recognized as global Top-100 next gen leader and Global healthcare ambassador by notable organizations, including Oxford – for scaling global health equity through digital business blueprints across 4 continents and thought leadership on transdisciplinary use of AI.

Peter Ademola

Peter Ademola

Researcher, Author

About Peter Ademola

Peter is a clinical laboratory scientist seamlessly blending public health focused research with advocacy. As an emerging researcher and creative writer, he navigates the complexities of healthcare and social commentary, creating contents for public consumption.

Peter’s journey extends into social entrepreneurship, contributing to initiatives that merge innovation with impactful, community-focused solutions, all aimed at reducing disparities through actionable and strategic collaboration.

Ronak Borana-Hiequity Team

Ronak Borana

Public Health Researcher | Data Wrangler

About Ronak Borana

Ronak Borana is a biology graduate with an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur, India. Before his MBA, he worked as a research consultant with the George Institute for Global Health in the meta-research and evidence synthesis unit. He has also received 2 independent grants from the Thakur Foundation to research public health transparency in India. He has published 6 research papers and preprints on clinical research and funder transparency. He has also written articles for news sites like The Wire and Newslaundry. He is passionate about the development and public health sector.

Ronak also likes data wrangling and is comfortable with R, SPSS, KNIME, and other tools to play with data. When he is not worrying about the right colors for his graphs, he likes to read, cook and go on long walks.

Sunny Sharma-About Team Hiequity

Sunny Sharma

Digital Marketing Consultant | Advanced WordPress Website Developer | Content Creator

About Sunny Sharma

Sunny Sharma, a versatile Digital Marketing Consultant, Advanced WordPress Website Developer, and Content Creator, is the driving force behind Growrinn.com, a dynamic digital marketing agency committed to propelling businesses forward in the online space. With a strategic blend of technical proficiency and creative flair, Sunny specializes in crafting compelling online experiences while staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Armed with certifications in Google Analytics, Google Search Ads, and Hubspot Content Marketing, Sunny brings a robust skill set to the table. These certifications, coupled with a visionary approach, position Sunny as a digital trailblazer dedicated to transforming businesses. Working towards becoming one of the top leading business growth consultants in the Healthcare and wellness sector, Sunny is passionate about integrating innovative AI technologies to redefine industry standards and foster sustainable growth. With a commitment to delivering results-driven solutions, Sunny is poised to make a lasting impact on the digital landscape.

Hariharasudan Natarajan-About Team Hiequity

Hariharasudan Natarajan

Global health researcher/advocate | Nephrologist | Clinician educator

About Hariharasudan Natarajan

Dr. Hariharasudan Natarajan is a dedicated physician with a rich background in healthcare. Having graduated from medical school in India, he has embarked on a journey in medicine that has taken him to the University of Oklahoma Medical Center, where he is currently pursuing his internal medicine residency training. Throughout this period, Dr. Natarajan has demonstrated a deep commitment to addressing health disparities, notably through his extensive involvement in rural rotations.
Driven by a passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others, Dr. Natarajan is set to specialize in kidney medicine at Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine. As an emerging nephrologist, he envisions contributing to the field through clinical research and aims to share his knowledge as an educator. His daily endeavours are motivated by the desire to create meaningful differences in the lives of his patients. Drawing inspiration from his experiences in diverse healthcare settings, Dr. Natarajan is interested in addressing global health disparities. Whether working on the front lines or collaborating on research initiatives, he is dedicated to combating health inequalities and contributing to advancing medical science. With a holistic approach to medicine, Dr. Hariharasudan Natarajan is poised to become a valuable asset to nephrology and improve healthcare outcomes globally.

Prabath Kuzhikkat-About Team Hiequity

Prabath Kuzhikkat

Brand Manager | Customer-centric Product Design Expert

About Prabath Kuzhikkat

Prabath, in his own words, would like to identify with Hobbits who go on adventures, partly because his life has been an interesting journey. From being a marine engineer, who handled machinery to a product manager who handles machine learning, to a brand manager who grew his portfolio from de-growth to a multi-million dollar success story within a year, he always put people first, ideas and innovation next, followed by an element of fun and then only, the nitty-gritty of the job.

Along this little adventure, he made a few close friends, solved many a problem and in that process got a few awards. A Drucker Laureate, a Maersk Scholar and the #1 son as proclaimed by his own mother, he often likes to thread the path often not taken and weave poems and write essays while randomly quoting from Rumi and Tolkien.

Anupama Kuzhikkat-About Team Hiequity

Anupama Kuzhikkat

Social Media Designer | Ideation Specialist

About Anupama Kuzhikkat

From scribbling on the walls with crayons every chance she got when she was just a few months old, to graduating from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai, India, Anupama has lived her life romanticizing the idea of being able to create. “What will be left behind by me, will be my designs, my ideas, and my point of view of the world; that will be my legacy. It is proof that a woman named Anupama existed and she was someone who embodied the divine feminine energy.”

Apart from her Bachelor’s in Knitwear design, she also has completed 2 Certification courses(UX Design from Google and Social Media Marketing from Meta). Presently, she works as a visual designer for a Dubai based design agency, and focuses on her mental & physical well-being. Anupama also wants to be a renowned artist that makes painting based on the concept of realism, as she currently is working on completing an artwork inspired from Raja Ravi Varma.

Precious FOLARANMI-About Team Hiequity


Content Creator | Podcaster

About Precious FOLARANMI

Precious is a public health and development advocate and medical laboratory scientist, whose passion aligns with the objectives of sustainable development goal 3 (SDG 3) which focuses ******on making healthcare accessible and affordable, a crucial challenge in the global health sector. Her passion for improving healthcare standards transcends her professional role.

As a public health educator, Precious conveys medical knowledge to the public, utilizing podcasting and community engagement. Her educational approach goes beyond information dissemination to empower individuals with knowledge for disease prevention and informed health decision-making. Her efforts have been pivotal in enhancing public health awareness and fostering a well-informed, health-conscious society.

Axel Shimwa-About Team Hiequity

Axel Shimwa

Infographic designer/ Content creator/ Presenter

About Axel Shimwa

Axel is a medical doctor in training with special interest in interventional radiology. He shares undoubtable passion in global health, fostered by his ongoing master’s training in global health delivery. He believes in the impeccable power of communication, not only through words as it can be limited by language barrier, but through mind changing visuals, he is a big fan of infographics design

These interests has lead him through an adventurous journey of innovation to both communicate and deliver health care to the global population differently to close the existing gaps in healthcare delivery. He completed multiple programs of innovation including The Kerry Murphy Healey Center for Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship global innovation program.

Olivier Nshuti Mbarushimana-About Team Hiequity

Olivier Nshuti Mbarushimana

Researcher | Developer | Data engineer | Content Creator | Video Editor

About Olivier Nshuti Mbarushimana

Olivier’s journey, born from youthful fascination, seamlessly intertwines with the corridors of medicine, where his spirit refuses confinement to one realm and revels in the symphony of versatility. A virtuoso with the classic pencil, a storyteller through the ink and the lyrics, a stage performer, an eloquent presenter, a thought-provoking debater, and a skilled video editor orchestrating visual tales on canvas of screens mildly describes him. He is the founder of Voz Armonia, a tapestry of music, and once a leader of IT student-led initiatives at the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE). He extends his narrative prowess with a locally acclaimed Novella. His cinematic achievements accrue from OHMO Covid-19 Awareness project; National TV features on tax sensitization, to the #1 Invictus Men’s mental health awareness contestant.

In the Great Lakes region, Olivier ignites discourse on peace promotion, earning the #1 2018 Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle award for his masterful project. As a principal tutor in HSE-SPAR Debate, USA, he imparts wisdom to aspiring minds. Olivier’s global research endeavors aim to enrich the fabric of knowledge, addressing global challenges frugally. Positioned as a future healer, his passion for patient care is fortified with resilience and self-sufficiency tailored especially for the underprivileged. Looking ahead, Olivier envisions refining his skills in research, innovation, project management, and the artful creation and delivery of impactful narratives that transcend the boundaries of art and technology.

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