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Portfolio - Dr Nadeem Ahmed

Indian Delegate for in-person
HPAIR Harvard Conference

February, 2024

Dr Nadeem was selected as part of Indian Delegation for the in-person HPAIR conference at Harvard campus (https://www.hpair.org) in Massachusetts, USA, for impacting the health outcomes of more than 1.25 Mn individuals through his decade of work in healthcare. In line with the 2024 HPAIR theme of “Charting new horizons”, he was appreciated for delivering 1,000+ actionable recommendations for scaling health accessibility, affordability, and accountability to impact-focused social ventures in emerging markets as the founder of non-profit think-tank (https://hiequity.ai).

Dr. Nadeem Ahmed Indian Delegate for in-person HPAIR Harvard Conference

Co-Founder, HiEquity, Asia Pacific

2023, August

As the founder of HiEquity, a pioneering non-profit think tank, Dr Nadeem and his team are at the forefront of advancing global health-equity. Their mission focuses on harnessing emerging technologies, providing actionable insights tailored to key stakeholders, and fostering robust multi-stakeholder collaboration. In his role as founder, he steers the team in analyzing cutting-edge research, disruptive innovations, and modern business models, with a steadfast commitment to bridging healthcare disparities globally.

Global Top 100 Leaders, Oxford, UK

2022, December

At Oxford GLC, Dr Nadeem was recognised as one of the Global Top 100 next generation leaders to represent the global healthcare community on matters related to SDG-3. He was chosen from applicants across ~90 countries for leading mental health and wellness initiatives targeting the global work force in ~15 countries across 4 continents.

Linkedin - Posts - GLC 2022 Member

Global Top 100 MBA Professionals,
MBA World Summit, Italy

2022, October

At the MBA World Summit, Dr Nadeem was recognised as one of the Global Top 100 MBA Professionals for authoring the business whitepaper that conceptualised two novel concepts “Equitable Dignity” and “Synergistic Sustainability”. He was selected to reverse mentor middle managers to C-suite leaders of MNCs on excellence related to product and service delivery across the healthcare value chain.

Global Top 100 MBA Professionals, MBA World Summit, Italy

Senior Consultant, McKinsey & Company,
Asia Pacific

2022, August

At McKinsey, Dr Nadeem Ahmed serves clients primarily in healthcare, public, social and life sciences sector. He has worked across 5 countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand) and specialises in a wide range of topics from strategy planning, transformation, implementation and new venture building.

Dr. Nadeem Ahmed

Global Top 100 Leader of Tomorrow,
St. Gallen Symposium, Switzerland

2022, May

At St. Gallen, Dr Nadeem Ahmed was awarded as the Global Top 100 Leaders of Tomorrow and represented India’s voice as Global Ambassador among 90+ countries in Switzerland’s annual business & policy forum. He was selected for authoring whitepaper titled “Multi-versal Synergy” that explored healthcare decision making in the age of AI. He also led the inter-generational panel discussion on future of healthcare and its implications for different generations in terms of call for action, consensus required and investment needed.

Dr. Nadeem Ahmed

Med-tech Consultant, Johnson & Johnson, Asia Pacific

2022, June

At J&J Medical Devices, Dr Nadeem delivered roadmap for 2.35x revenue growth of medical device portfolio, particularly devices for minimally invasively surgery, across 4 markets (Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka) in 3 years. His market research led a recommendation of an year-wise, country-specific growth strategy for the business groups in these markets by forecasting GDP, health-spend & device import data.

Dr. Nadeem Ahmed

SBI National Gold Medal
for Social Impact, India

2022, April

Dr Nadeem was awarded for treating 1k+ COVID patients by founding ‘Corona Consult’ with team of 15+ doctors & 50+ subject matter functional experts. He supported the XLRI management in leading the teams responsible for managing the health of 1k+ students on campus across the 3 pandemic waves.

Dr. Nadeem-SBI National Gold Medal Certificate

Managing Editor, Harvard
Public Health Review, USA

2021, December

At HPHR, Dr Nadeem spearheaded publishing workflow and expanded research portfolio on connected health, i4.0 & digitization. He and his team won 7 out of the 13 coveted awards at HPHR Global Hackathon in 3 categories – paper-writing, frameworks & policy pitches

Dr. Nadeem-Managing Editor, Harvard Public Health Review, USA

Peter Drucker Laureate & Global Ambassador,
Peter Drucker Society, Austria

2021, November

At the Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna, Dr Nadeem was recognized as a Global Peter Drucker Laureate for authoring the business strategy whitepaper “Quadruple-P Framework for Crisis Management” based on his learnings as a Frontline COVID-19 physician. Consequently, he was chosen as a Global Ambassador to evangelize, align and deliver Drucker’s management philosophies to the global workforce for collectively solving complex, real-world challenges through an inter-disciplinary approach.

Dr. Nadeem Ahmed-Peter Drucker Laureate & Global Ambassador, Peter Drucker Society, Austria

Global Top 10 emerging health leader, Team Lead -
HealthEthos, John Hopkins University, USA

2021, August

Dr Nadeem was selected as Global Top-10 student healthcare leaders by Johns Hopkins to pursue Danaher Corporation’s International project. His responsibility included leading the 5-member cross-functional team charged with formulating viable business model for establishing. The team’s landmark recommendation was the ‘LEAD with POCT’ framework leveraging USPS for last-mile diagnostics using waived POCT devices.

The team from XLRI, Jamshedpur comprising of Vidushi Vayalombrone, Vaibhav Sharma, Guhan Krishnan, Prabath Kuzhikkat and led by Dr Nadeem Ahmed with the guidance and support of Prof Giridhar Rama

Mental Health Warrior, YourDost - India

2021, July

After 6 months of therapy, Dr Nadeem was able to wean out of medications for PTSD acquired from his experience of serving the COVID-19 frontline. That transformation led him to become a mental health and wellness advocate for Healthcare professionals, at-risk students and young members of the global workforce. He collaborated with NGOs, hospitals, polyclinics and wellness organizations like YourDost to empower at-risk individuals to take the first critical step of seeking care.

Dr. Nadeem Ahmed

Project Lead, Johnson & Johnson, India

2021, April

At J&J, Dr Nadeem worked on C-SATS, an AI based ed-tech platform for robotic surgeons. During this project, he devised subscription-type payment model & charted region-specific, 5-year plan for a 3-phased product launch. His analysis was crucial in the formulation of the GTM Strategy to accelerate surgeon upskilling by ~85% and grow the number of surgeons under training by ~40%. Owing to the impact of his project, he was awarded as the “Best Enterprise Intern” across all business functions and verticals in India.

Dr. Nadeem- Project Lead, Johnson & Johnson, India

Project Leader & Global Finalist,
India Impact Challenge, USA

2021, February

Dr Nadeem served as the project leader for the 5-membered cross-functional team from XLRI, representing India, that designed the Triple-Impact Residue Fund, with Pilot roadmap developed for Haryana & Punjab. TRIF is a viable, hybrid-blockchain-backed, community-driven, dynamic-financing solution for in-situ & ex-situ crop-residue management to counteract adverse planet, people & profit-impacts resulting from burning.

Dr. Nadeem- Project Leader & Global Finalist, India Impact Challenge, USA

Project Leader & National Winner,
Novartis Biotechnology Leadership Camp, India

2020, November

Dr Nadeem was the National winner of Novartis’ Biotechnology Leadership Summit or BioCamp. He was selected from among ~1,900 shortlisted students and professionals from various disciplines across leading Indian institutions after a 3-month interview process. During the Bio-Camp, he led the cross-functional team that designed the go-to-market strategy along with a data collection roadmap for a novel drug / therapeutic solution for familial hypercholesterolemia as a part of case-study.

Dr. Nadeem- Project Leader & National Winner, Novartis Biotechnology Leadership Camp, India

Co-Founder, Corona Consult, South India

2020, April

Dr Nadeem co-founded a pro bono healthcare consulting initiative called Corona Consult to flatten the COVID-19 curve. His team mitigated health infrastructure burden via management of mild-moderate COVID cases through a hybrid care model. They counselled, diagnosed, & treated 1,000+ COVID patients via teleconsultation supported by offline paramedics. His team developed a novel approach mitigate false-negative diagnoses to ~0% via design inputs for X-Ray based Machine-Learning screening tool.

Dr. Nadeem- Co-Founder, Corona Consult, South India

Medical Consultant, National Service
Scheme, India

2019, January

As Medical Consultant to National Service Scheme, Dr Nadeem supported the NSS in catering to the under-privileged in high-risk, high-density areas, in South India. The best part about his job was the chance to interact, lead and mentor countless student volunteers from various collages in outreach activities.

Dr. Nadeem- Medical Consultant, National Service Scheme, India

Co-Founder, NAD14 Healthcare
Consulting, South India

2014, January

Dr Nadeem and team offering healthcare business consulting solutions in the following domains – Market research, medical services, implants & equipment, digital transformation in healthcare, Remote care, AI & Machine learning solutions for clinician support. Over the next ~5 years, he and his team advised 10+ polyclinics on 5-yr strategy, grow via diversification & products, optimize patient flow and referral pathway

Dr. Nadeem- Co-Founder, NAD14 Healthcare Consulting, South India