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Scaling global health equity through AI

Discover cutting-edge research, breakthrough innovations by start-ups and up-to-date policies at the intersection of AI, healthcare and business.

Our Initiatives

Humane Intelligence

Thought leadership aimed at scaling real-world applications and the impact of emerging technologies across the healthcare value chain in diverse markets

Hear and Now

Hearing your un-met needs for targeted wellness and delivering research-backed insights you can act on now


Leading the Wellness Revolution - By shifting global incentives from reactive to proactive wellness through behavioral change, technology integration, and system innovation.

Explore Health Equity Insights

About HiEquity

HiEquity: Pioneering Global Health Equity Initiatives

HiEquity is a not-for-profit think tank aimed at advancing global health equity by championing emerging technologies, delivering actionable insights and fostering stakeholder collaboration

Transforming Healthcare Equity through AI Collaboration

Come explore how we're changing the face of healthcare equity, all thanks to the powerful combination of AI and our healthcare experts working together

Core Team

Meet the minds behind the insights and learn how their journey led to them to champion global health equity

Dr. Nadeem Ahmed

Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief
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