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A leap into the future of fitness with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled personalized care

In an era where the pursuit of health and wellness is more vital than ever, Elevate Now emerges as a trailblazing solution for those seeking to achieve their weight loss goals. Founded in 2022 by the visionary entrepreneur Rahul Maroli in the dynamic city of Delhi, India, Elevate Now redefines the approach to weight management. This innovative program distinguishes itself from traditional weight loss schemes by adopting a holistic approach that prioritizes not only the reduction of body weight but also the overall enhancement of health and well-being.

Elevate Now addresses the growing global concern of obesity, which is more than a personal challenge, it’s a significant public health issue. Current statistics indicate that roughly 2 billion adults globally are overweight, with over 650 million suffering from obesity. According to WHO, this condition significantly contributes to the global disease burden, with an estimated 3 million deaths annually due to weight-related complications. Interestingly, the prevalence of obesity shows notable regional variations, being higher in more urbanized and affluent areas. This trend highlights the influence of lifestyle and dietary habits in the development of obesity.

The economic ramifications of obesity are profound. Worldwide, billions are spent each year on treating obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. For instance, in the United States, the annual medical costs related to obesity were estimated to be around $190 billion, illustrating the substantial financial impact on healthcare systems.

Elevate Now, conceived by Rahul Maroli, is strategically designed to tackle these challenges head-on. The program incorporates stress-reduction techniques and promotes a balanced lifestyle tailored to individual preferences, ensuring that participants are not burdened by stringent diets or rigorous exercise regimes. This personalized approach aims to make the weight loss journey more sustainable, enjoyable, and ultimately successful, significantly alleviating the stress often associated with weight loss endeavors.

Moreover, Elevate Now is committed to addressing the social stigma around body weight, a factor that can severely impact an individual’s self-esteem and drive. The program fosters a supportive and non-judgmental community, encouraging participants to confidently and proudly embark on their unique weight loss journeys. This empowering environment transforms weight loss into a positive and self-affirming experience, rather than a source of anxiety and isolation.

Elevate Now stands as a testament to Rahul Maroli’s innovative vision and dedication to transforming weight management and health improvement. Launched in the vibrant city of Delhi, this program is not just a weight loss solution but a comprehensive movement towards improved health, self-discovery, and emotional well-being, setting a new standard in the wellness industry.

Pain point addressed

Elevate Now distinctly addresses a nuanced pain point in weight management: the psychological stress and social stigma associated with weight loss, especially prevalent in urban environments like Delhi, India. This program uniquely targets the often-ignored emotional and societal challenges faced by individuals on their weight loss journey. It specifically caters to urban dwellers who grapple with the pressures of city life and societal norms around body image.

Key stakeholders directly benefiting from this focused approach include individuals seeking weight loss, healthcare providers, wellness coaches, mental health professionals, and community support groups. Elevate Now bridges the gap in traditional weight loss regimes by offering a solution that not only aids in physical health improvement but also emphasizes psychological and social well-being. By doing so, it stands out as a comprehensive wellness initiative, tailored to meet the complex needs of those navigating the multifaceted challenges of weight loss in a modern, urban setting.

Type of solution

Elevate Now offers a holistic health management experience through its digital platform, available via a web portal. This innovative tool provides personalized diet plans, tailoring nutrition to individual health goals and preferences. Users can also access customized fitness routines, accommodating different levels of fitness expertise. Integral to the platform is a focus on mental wellness, offering resources for stress management and mindfulness. The use of AI for personalized coaching allows the platform to adapt and evolve with the user’s progress, enhancing the overall experience. Key features include progress tracking, which keeps users motivated by visualizing their journey, and virtual support groups that foster a sense of community and shared experience. Additionally, the platform host online workshops or webinars on healthy living and mental well-being.

Source: https://www.joinelevatenow.com/#how-its-work

Type of input data leveraged

  • Basic personal information: Age, gender, and basic contact details for account setup and personalization.
  • Health and medical history: Information on medical conditions, past surgeries, allergies, and medications to tailor health advice and fitness plans.
  • Dietary preferences and restrictions: Data on food preferences, intolerances, and dietary restrictions to customize nutrition plans.
  • Physical activity levels: Information about current activity levels and exercise routines to create suitable fitness programs.
  • Body metrics: Data like weight, height, and body measurements to track progress and adjust plans.
  • Lifestyle information: Details on sleep patterns, work-life balance, and stress levels to offer holistic wellness advice.
  • Fitness tracker data: If integrated with wearable devices, steps taken, heart rate, sleep quality, and other relevant metrics can be used.

Key technology involved

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are pivotal in Elevate Now’s approach to personalized health and fitness. These advanced technologies analyze user data, including health metrics, activity levels, and preferences. They enable the platform to offer custom-tailored health advice and fitness plans. AI and ML’s adaptability ensures that as user interactions and progress evolve, the platform’s recommendations and services dynamically adjust to remain relevant and effective, thus ensuring a continuously personalized user experience.
  • Data analytics tools are indispensable in the realm of health and fitness, especially for platforms like Elevate Now. They are crucial for processing and interpreting the vast amounts of data generated through user interactions, health metrics, and fitness activities. By analyzing this data, these tools are able to identify patterns, trends, and insights. This capability is not just about gathering data; it’s about making sense of it in a way that is actionable and relevant. The insights gained from data analytics are instrumental in customizing the user experience, ensuring that each user receives recommendations and guidance that are tailored to their specific needs and goals. Additionally, by understanding these patterns and trends, the effectiveness of the program can be continually improved, making the platform more efficient in helping users achieve their health and fitness objectives.
  • Cloud computing is an essential backbone for platforms like Elevate Now, providing a robust and flexible infrastructure to handle vast amounts of health and fitness data. Its significance lies in offering unparalleled scalability, accommodating the growing volume of user data without compromising performance. This scalability is critical for handling peak usage times and expanding user bases. Additionally, cloud computing ensures top-tier data security, safeguarding sensitive health information against breaches and unauthorized access. It also facilitates continuous accessibility and real-time data updates, ensuring that the platform and its users always have access to the latest features and information. Moreover, cloud-based solutions enable seamless updates and maintenance, ensuring that the platform remains cutting-edge and efficient. This combination of scalability, security, and accessibility makes cloud computing a cornerstone of modern digital health platforms.
  • Mobile technology encompasses several key elements to enhance user interaction and experience. Responsive design is at the forefront, ensuring that the app’s layout adjusts seamlessly across different screen sizes and devices, from smartphones to tablets. The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designs are meticulously crafted to be intuitive and engaging, making navigation effortless and enjoyable for users. Additionally, cross-device compatibility is crucial, allowing users to have a consistent and reliable experience whether they are using an iOS or Android device, or switching between them. This comprehensive approach in mobile technology not only caters to the functional needs of users but also elevates their overall experience, making health and fitness tracking a more integrated and accessible part of their daily lives.

Key application of solution

  • Personalized care: Elevate Now, recognized as India’s first medical weight loss management company, offers a unique program aimed at helping patients reset their metabolism and effect lasting changes in their bodies. The program steers clear of traditional crash diets and exhaustive exercise plans. Elevate Now has developed a technology platform, including a user-friendly app, which facilitates communication between patients and their health coaches. This app provides personalized plans and tracks weight loss progress. The digital product emphasizes patient experience and control over their weight loss journey. The app features advanced security and allows for easy updates of new features without user intervention. Since its launch, Elevate Now has seen significant growth in customer acquisition and a substantial reduction in customer acquisition costs.

Implications for key stakeholders


  • Patients engaging with Elevate Now gain more than just weight loss; they achieve a comprehensive understanding of their metabolic health. This knowledge empowers them to make sustainable lifestyle changes, rather than relying on quick fixes. By grasping the nuances of their body’s metabolism, they adopt a more proactive and informed approach to their health. This shift not only aids in effective weight management but also fosters a commitment to long-term wellness, moving away from temporary solutions to embrace lasting health improvements.

Health coaches

  • Elevate Now’s data-driven approach provides health coaches with valuable insights, allowing them to tailor health plans more effectively to individual needs. This not only enhances the coaches’ ability to impact patient health outcomes positively but also expands their expertise in dealing with a variety of health profiles. The access to detailed data ensures that each health plan is not just generic but specifically aligned with the unique health and wellness goals of each patient, leading to more personalized and successful health management strategies.


  • The improvement in patient health through Elevate Now’s program could potentially reduce claims for obesity-related health issues. This positive trend might prompt insurance companies to reassess their policies, placing greater emphasis on preventive healthcare and wellness programs. Such a shift could lead to broader support for initiatives like Elevate Now, recognizing the value of proactive health management in reducing long-term healthcare costs and improving patient quality of life.

Regulatory bodies

  • This involves approval from medical and data protection authorities, ensuring the program’s methodologies and technologies meet stringent healthcare regulations. By doing so, these bodies maintain a high standard of patient care and data security, ensuring that health solutions are both effective and safe for public use.

Current impact

  • Elevate Now’s impact is highlighted by significant achievements in customer satisfaction and results. The program reports a 15% reduction in body weight among participants within a six-month period, showcasing its effectiveness in achieving substantial weight loss goals. Additionally, customer feedback reflects high satisfaction, with 90% of users believing it to be an effective weight loss program. This level of satisfaction is further reinforced by the fact that 95% of customers would recommend Elevate Now to their close contacts, indicating a strong trust in the program’s approach and results. These statistics not only demonstrate Elevate Now’s success in helping individuals achieve their weight loss objectives but also indicate a high level of trust and satisfaction among its users.
  • The program’s effectiveness is rooted in its understanding of the body’s metabolic set point. This concept revolves around the idea that the brain subconsciously maintains a standard weight and body fat range. Standard weight loss programs often result in temporary weight loss, but Elevate Now’s approach is designed to bring about a complete metabolic reset. This helps in achieving long-term weight loss without the typical rebound effect.
  • Elevate Now’s methodology extends beyond just physical aspects to include modifications in diet, exercise, sleep, and emotional health, fitting into the individual’s lifestyle. The program involves personalized weight loss plans, continuous guidance from health coaches, and FDA-approved medications, which are safe, stimulant-free, and non-habit forming. These medications are designed to address specific metabolic issues, helping to balance hormones and improve overall health.

Potential future impact

  • Elevate Now’s potential for future impact is substantial. The company, having secured significant funding, is poised to expand its unique weight management solutions across India. This expansion, featuring the opening of numerous clinics, reflects a commitment to addressing a critical health issue in the country. Considering Elevate Now’s success in personalized health management, an extension into broader wellness domains such as mental health support or holistic lifestyle coaching could further enhance its impact, offering a more comprehensive approach to health and well-being in India.

Business model

Elevate Now’s business model primarily focuses on B2C (Business to Consumer), offering personalized medical weight loss programs directly to individuals. This model allows for direct engagement with customers, providing tailored services and fostering strong customer relationships.

Advantages of this approach include greater control over the customer experience, direct feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement, and the ability to quickly adapt to changing consumer needs and preferences. By focusing on individual consumers, Elevate Now can effectively cater to specific health and wellness goals, ensuring a more personalized and impactful service.

Funding and key investors

Elevate Now successfully completed a funding milestone with a Pre-Seed round on March 1, 2023. This marks a significant step in the company’s journey, underscoring investor confidence and potentially aiding in its growth and development. The exact amount raised in this round was not disclosed, but securing this investment is indicative of the company’s potential and the trust placed in its vision and business model. This financial backing could be instrumental in expanding their services and reach.

Elevate Now’s Pre-Seed funding round, led by W Health Ventures, marks a significant step in the company’s growth. This investment round, held on March 1, 2023, reflects the investor’s confidence in Elevate Now’s potential in the healthcare sector.

Competitive differentiator

  • Elevate Now’s competitive differentiator lies in its unique approach to weight loss, which combines medically supervised, personalized treatment with behavioral and habit coaching. This holistic strategy, focusing on both physical and mental aspects of weight management, sets it apart from conventional weight loss programs that often focus solely on diet and exercise. By integrating medical supervision with lifestyle coaching, Elevate Now offers a more comprehensive and sustainable solution to weight management, addressing the root causes of weight issues rather than just the symptoms.

Relevant regulatory and compliance requirements

For a solution like Elevate Now, continuous upkeep and maintenance of compliance with various regulatory and compliance requirements are crucial.

  • These may include adhering to healthcare regulations like HIPAA for patient data privacy,
  • FDA guidelines for medical products and services, and possibly local healthcare regulations specific to the regions they operate in.

Compliance with these regulations ensures that the solution meets the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and patient confidentiality, which are paramount in the healthcare industry. Regular monitoring and updating of compliance status with these regulatory bodies are essential for maintaining the trust and safety of the users.

Partnerships and collaborations

  • Elevate Now, after securing pre-seed funding, is looking to establish offline partnerships to aid its expansion. This strategic move aims to set up over 10 clinics across India in 2023. These partnerships will play a crucial role in facilitating Elevate Now’s growth and enhancing its service delivery to a broader demographic, further revolutionizing the weight loss industry in India by providing tailored, doctor-led weight loss solutions.


“Elevate Now is solving a crucial problem of weight loss. Several patients, over a period of time, try different methods to lose weight unsuccessfully. However, it is important to understand your body type to achieve weight loss successfully in the long term. Elevate Now is based on this understanding, and hence is able to create a personalized weight loss approach for every member.”

Dr ArchanaMBBS, MD – Senior diabetologist

“Enrolling in Elevate Now has been one of the best decisions in my life. In a matter of 3 months, I lost over 9 kgs. The biggest joy came when I started fitting into my old clothes in 3 months, all key health parameters including cholesterol, insulin, triglycerides etc started falling within range. I am looking to forward to losing another 6 kgs and focusing on sustaining the weight loss.”

Abhishek Shetye- Elevate Now User

Areas for continuous improvement

  • Enhancing personalization: An area for continuous improvement for Elevate Now could involve enhancing the personalization aspect of their health and weight loss programs. While they already offer tailored solutions, they could further refine their approach by incorporating advanced predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms. These technologies could provide deeper insights into individual health patterns, allowing for even more customized and effective treatment plans. Additionally, expanding their digital health resources to include more interactive elements, such as gamified health challenges or augmented reality exercises, could increase user engagement and program adherence.





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