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INNOHEALTH tunes the strings of healthcare’s future with its AI-based symphony of diagnostics and patient engagement

Diagnostics and patient engagement

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, one concept is rapidly gaining prominence – “point-of-care patient engagement.” This phrase represents a transformative shift in the way healthcare is delivered and experienced. Point-of-care patient engagement is not merely a buzzword but a critical component in improving patient outcomes, enhancing the healthcare experience, and streamlining the workflow of healthcare providers.

At its core, point-of-care patient engagement involves actively involving patients in their healthcare journey at the precise moment they interact with the healthcare system. It’s about harnessing the power of technology and patient-centered approaches to make healthcare more accessible, personalized, and efficient. Instead of being passive recipients of care, patients become active participants, informed decision-makers, and partners in their own health management.

INNOHEALTH, a healthcare technology startup founded in 2020 by Dr. Chad Marthinussen and Abdul Malick Salie and based in Western Cape, South Africa, embodies the fusion of medical expertise and technological innovation.

Pain point addressed

INNOHEALTH focuses on addressing the primary challenge of improving point-of-care patient engagement. The company provides AI-based solutions that engage both doctors and patients by offering imaging and lab diagnostic solutions. This addresses the pain point of making medical diagnosis and treatment more accessible and patient-centered.

Type of solution

INNOHEALTH has carved out a distinguished niche in healthcare technology with its suite of AI-powered software solutions that are reshaping point-of-care patient engagement. Their intelligent diagnostic imaging tools integrate with medical hardware to enhance the accuracy of diagnostics through machine learning, providing critical, timely insights into patient health. The laboratory diagnostic solutions employ deep learning to interpret complex test results, facilitating a deeper understanding of patient conditions. On the patient front, INNOHEALTH’s engagement platform democratizes health information, granting patients access to their data and fostering informed communication with healthcare providers. Tailored treatment plans generated by AI algorithms take into account individual patient profiles, ensuring personalized care. Additionally, remote patient monitoring systems stand out as a cornerstone of INNOHEALTH’s offering, ensuring continuous care outside of traditional clinical settings, highlighting their commitment to innovative, patient-centric healthcare solutions.


Key technology involved

The company leverages machine learning and deep learning to develop its AI-based solutions. These technologies are critical in enhancing diagnostic accuracy and patient engagement.

Key applications of solution

  • Diagnostic assistance: This AI algorithm can be used to analyze medical images and identify potential abnormalities. This can help doctors to make more accurate and timely diagnoses.
  • Treatment planning: INNOHEALTH’s AI algorithms can be used to develop personalized treatment plans for patients. This takes into account the patient’s individual medical history, risk factors, and preferences.
  • Patient monitoring: INNOHEALTH’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) system innovates healthcare by utilizing AI algorithms to collect and analyze real-time health data from wearable and home monitoring devices. It offers predictive analytics to identify health deviations, triggering proactive alerts for early intervention. This AI-driven solution seamlessly integrates with telehealth, enabling immediate medical consultations and empowering patients with personalized health insights for better self-management. By transforming vast streams of physiological data into actionable intelligence, INNOHEALTH’s RPM system equips healthcare providers with the tools to make data-driven decisions, fostering a proactive, patient-centered healthcare model.
  • Personalized care: INNOHEALTH’s solutions can be used to provide patients with personalized care. This includes things like providing patients with educational materials about their condition and helping patients manage their medications.

Implications for key stakeholders

  • Patients: INNOHEALTH’s solutions improve the patient experience by providing accurate diagnoses, personalized care, and more convenient access to medical services.
  • Healthcare providers: The solutions streamline the workflow of healthcare providers, making diagnostic processes more efficient and patient-focused.
  • Insurers: Improved diagnostic accuracy can lead to more precise cost assessments and better risk management.
  • Regulatory bodies: The use of AI in medical diagnosis and treatment may require specific regulatory oversight, ensuring that patient safety and data privacy are maintained.

Current and potential future impact

INNOHEALTH has achieved significant milestones in improving point-of-care patient engagement through AI-based solutions. Their impact includes enhanced diagnostic accuracy and patient experience. With their mature status in the healthcare technology landscape, they have the potential to expand further, contributing to the evolution of healthcare technology.

Business model

INNOHEALTH primarily operates on a B2B model, selling its AI-based solutions to healthcare institutions and professionals. Their revenue model may include subscription-based services, enabling ongoing support and updates.

Advantages of the business model

  • Higher average revenue per customer: Businesses are typically willing to pay more for software and services than consumers.
  • Longer sales cycles: B2B sales cycles are often longer than B2C sales cycles, but this gives INNOHEALTH more time to build relationships with potential customers and demonstrate the value of their solutions.

Funding and key investors

INNOHEALTH has received funding from various investors, which indicates its financial stability and potential. Key investors may include venture capital firms and individuals who recognize the company’s potential to make a significant impact in the healthcare technology sector. INNOHEALTH, the healthcare technology startup, has successfully secured funding in a single round, with its most recent funding event being a seed round that occurred on July 9, 2021, which was $5,000,000. This funding showcases investor confidence in INNOHEALTH’s mission to drive innovation at the intersection of medicine and technology in the healthcare sector.

Competitive differentiator

INNOHEALTH’s unique proposition lies in its focus on point-of-care patient engagement and its ability to provide AI-based imaging and lab diagnostic solutions. This sets them apart from other healthcare technology companies, making them a go-to choice for those seeking advanced diagnostic and patient engagement solutions.

Relevant regulatory and compliance requirements

Ensuring regulatory and compliance status is of paramount importance in the healthcare industry. INNOHEALTH is likely to have proactively pursued the requisite approvals to guarantee the quality and safety of its solutions, especially when handling sensitive patient data and medical diagnoses.

Partnerships and collaborations

INNOHEALTH likely collaborates with healthcare institutions and research organizations to develop and fine-tune its solutions, indicating their involvement in a broader healthcare ecosystem.

Areas for continuous improvement

  • Data privacy and regulatory compliance: INNOHEALTH should continue prioritizing meticulous patient data handling and ensure it constantly revises its approach to adherence in line with emerging requirements.
  • Staying at the forefront of technological advancements: Embracing innovation is essential in the ever-evolving healthcare tech domain. INNOHEALTH should invest in research and development and foster collaborations to remain at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Evolving healthcare landscapes: To thrive in changing healthcare environments, INNOHEALTH should create adaptable solutions compatible with emerging technologies, aligning with patient and provider needs.




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